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About Us

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Welcome to BeninCafe, a modern restaurant with focus on traditional Benin food tastes

BeninCafe is a restaurant and event place located on a busy corner site in Albion road, Toronto ON. We represents the traditional Edo cuisine (from Nigeria) with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients served in typical African style in a modern environment.



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Customer satisfaction, quality food, conducive environment are our mantra. Because we know that a satisfied customer will tell 2 or more people but an unhappy customer will tell 5-10 people about their experience. We have you covered.

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    Master Chef

    Florence Omoruna

    When it comes to cooking, Chef Florence Omoruna is inspired by her Edo heritage. She is trained in the art of African cuisine by locals of Benin City in the heart of Edo State in Nigeria. She absorbs the culture and applies what she learns to recipe development. Chef Florence Omoruna owes her culinary expertise to the on-the-job training from traditional Benin chef mentors. Her food philosophy is simple: use fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable products to create well received dishes both local and continental. Chef Florence has a deep appreciation for the beauty of simple food – letting the ingredients shine and providing a uniquely memorable dining experience.